Psychotherapy Testimonials
“I’ve had many therapists, and Mari is the first one who did not try to fix or change me, but rather, witnessed my story with compassion and understanding and allowed me to advocate for my own health. Using her empathetic wisdom and judgment-free outlook, she guided me on every stage of my recovery journey. Rather than focusing on diagnosis and behaviors, Mari gets down to the deep reasons behind behaviors. Utilizing her specializations in eating disorders, trauma, and IFS [parts work] helped me to see my eating disorder not as an illness, but as a piece of my whole story. When I needed a higher level of care, Mari recommended the best of the best in the country. Her holistic approach to spirituality, her experience teaching embodiment through therapeutic yoga, and her combination of warmth and challenge has changed my life and I will always have her to thank for my Recovery.”


“Through Mari’s compassion and precision as a therapist, I have experienced the most helpful therapeutic relationship of my life. I completely trust her professional opinion and have had immerse growth and fulfillment through our work. Mari’s commitment to my success and genuine care have helped me reach my lifetime goals and dreams I never thought possible. Mari will forever be a big part of my story and I am excited for those whose lives will also be graced by hers.”

“I have worked with Linda on an individual basis for several years and find her to be a very genuine, empathetic , skillful therapist. Linda’s mindfulness based approach to therapy is refreshing. She seeks to understand my issues, allows me to process my feelings and helps me to re-frame negative thought processes in a helpful way. I have also attended DBT group therapy sessions with Linda and found them to be invaluable. Linda’s understanding and use of DBT skills has created lasting change in my life, giving me the motivation to approach life in a much healthier way.”


“It was a blessing to be able to complete the DBT group. Thanks to Linda and her DBT skills, it really helped me to not be afraid of my self harm and anger.”


Body Therapy Testimonials

“I owe much of the smooth progress of my cancer radiation treatments to Mari’s life-affirming, gentle manner and well planned, well executed treatments. Her firm, confident approach and steady reassurance throughout each session helped me get through a time that might, otherwise, have had me jumping out of my skin. My oncologist reports that I’m at the top of his patients for general wellness through the eight weeks of radiation. Mari played a huge role in that.”

“Mari is a gifted clinician and bodyworker. The combination of her sensitivity and intuition led to create a true facilitator of body mind spirit connection my work with her has served to maintain my overall health and sense of wellbeing.”

“Mari has made her technique of integrating western and eastern medicine into a beautiful and graceful art form. As a professional, Mari exhibits a warm, attentive, and patient attitude in her treatment space as well as our professional circle. It is a privilege to have her as a friend and teacher.”