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Dr. Mari Richko, Judy Hammond Sperling, and Linda Winter have a 38 year combined history of providing clinical outpatient treatment to individuals and families active in recovery, health and wellness. The continuum of care starts at assessment where the client will be supported in crisis or inpatient admission if necessary. The outpatient office provides individuals, couples, family and group therapies to address eating disorders, mood disorders, trauma, anxiety disorders, substance abuse and stress and pain management.

We will also provide interventions for individuals and families following the continuum of care from inpatient to outpatient. 

Our multidisciplinary team offers Traditional and Body Centered Psychotherapy, SE (Somatic Experiencing), CBT, DBT, IFS (Internal Family Systems), interventions, and addictions counseling. 

Our integrative center utilizes Acupuncture, Asian Body work therapies, Zen Shiatsu and Body Mind Acupressure as treatment protocols addressing both mental and physicals health related issues during recovery. These adjunct body therapies are based on Traditional Chinese Medicine. Clinical studies have shown the profound effect body therapies have on mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, trauma and addictions. 

We facilitate DBT groups for adults and teens, Eating Disorder Support Groups, Substance Abuse Groups, Family Support Groups, Recovery Groups and YogaTalk Group Therapy.

We believe these integrative modalities promote health, wellness and the necessary tool for a substantial recovery.


Traditional Psychotherapy, Body/Centered Psychotherapy, SEP (Somatic Experiencing Practice), CBT, DBT, IFS (Internal Family Systems), Somatic IFS, Interventions, Addictions Counseling, Existential Psychotherapy and Stress Management.


DBT Groups for Adults and Teens, Mindful Recovery Group, Substance Abuse Groups, Family Support Groups and YogaTalk Group Therapy


Acupuncture, Zen Shiatsu, Body/Mind Acupressure

Center for Authentic Living offers these adjunct therapies based on eastern and western medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine for mental health and physical health related issues and chronic pain management.

Dr. Mari Schnitzius-Richko ND, LCPC, CYI, ABT, AOBTA cp.


“My experience with complimentary medicine began in my early adulthood, through my exposure to herbal medicine. Due to childhood illnesses, I searched beyond conventional medicine for a method that would lead to the deepest, most fulfilling healing possible. After years of study, I adapted these methods from eastern and western traditions that have become central to my work with my clients. Believing that these concepts of health can benefit all people, I have dedicated my life to the practices of these philosophies.”

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Judy Hammond Sperling MS, ICADC, BRI, CSAT-C

Director of Addictions Services/Interventions

“In my 15 years as a Certified Addictions Specialist, I have learned that individuals and families need to be recognized and treated with compassion and respect. They need a facilitator and an advocate as they journey through the continuum of care which is recovery and healing. I believe in treating the “whole” client which addresses all instances and issues for the family or individual in order to live their “best” life imaginable.”

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Linda W.

Linda R. Winter JD, LCPC, SEP

Director of Psychoeducational Services

“I enjoy working with people going through changes and transitions in their life. These moments most often include loss and grief. These transitions can also provide openings for insight and change. Working with people to better understand their relationships and understand themselves in their relationships is another area which I am passionate about. I apply my training with individuals (teens and adults), couples and families.”

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Meghann Richko LCPC, CYT, Yoga Therapist

Co-Facilitator of YogaTalk Therapy Group

“I believe that individuals can achieve success in all aspects of their lives by improving their health. The connection between body, mind, and environment is constantly explored in our therapeutic relationship, and it is my goal to help my clients learn new ways to cope with tensions and transitions that are a part of everyday life. We investigate the biological, psychological, cultural, societal, and environmental factors of life, and how each of these affects physical and emotional health.”

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Bella & Beau

Say hello to our loving therapy dogs.