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Our Philosophy

Center for Authentic Living offers specialized treatment for adults, adolescents, couples, and families suffering from eating disorders, substance abuse, process addictions, sex addiction, mood disorders, anxiety, trauma, depression and physical presentations during their recovery process such as pain management. We are a multidisciplinary team that offers expertise in psychotherapy and integrative modalities for health, wellness and recovery.

Our treatment approach is based in mindfulness. A mindfulness based perspective helps clients understand the root of their condition, the meaning, and provides them with a doorway into the core of their behavior. This allows greater clarity as they approach a values orientated life.

We place a great importance on developing an individualize treatment plan to successfully address physical and behavioral health concerns. This includes innovative, evidence based adjunct healthcare services drawn from eastern and western medicine.

It is our mission to commit to early intervention and prevention. Our goal is to guide you to the most beneficial recovery for your body, mind, and spirit.